About Zablace


Zablace is small place on the coast near Šibenik.

Zablace is a settlement situated on the coast near the Holiday Resort "Solaris", and about 7 km from Šibenik. Zablaće was known for salt-pans in the Middle Ages, which is evident from the documents mentioning Zablaće and its salt-pans and the trade in salt.

The settlement was burned down completely during Turkish invasions. The inhabitants of Zablaće rebuilt their settlement after the Turks had been expelled. They began to cultivate vineyards, to breed the cattle and to fish. Some of them became successful seamen, and in recent times they have been engaged in tourism. Zablaće is also known for the medical mud, for which it has been proved to be efficient in curing rheumatism. Accommodation is available in private rooms, apartments and camps. If they want to enjoy sports activities and entertainment, hotel resort Solaris is only 500 meters away, and it has all kinds of facilities and events. The nearness of Šibenik is giving people an option to enjoy all kinds of culture events, such as International children festival and The festival of Dalmatian chansons. Next to Šibenik, in this area are situated popular spots for exursions, such as National parks Krka and Kornati, and islands Kaprije, Krapanj, Murter, Prvić, Zlarin, Žirje.